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STEELTREND is the manufacturer or official distributor of these brands:

Smoky Fun Monolith KESO / Assa Abloy Gehrer AG Steeltrend Aluminium Window-Shutters Steeltrend Training Doors XForce


The best additives for your engine.
3 unique additives that will make your car a racing special moreover with fantastic low consumption!
Cleaning product for engines for use before oil changes

Keep your oil clean for longer!
Don’t pour new oil into a dirty engine!
Don’t let your new oil deteriorate before it has to!

- Makes sure that the inside of the engine is perfectly clean.
- Preserves the oil’s original qualities.
- Reduces pollution.
- Makes it easier for the oil to circulate.

Metal replacer for all 4-stroke engines

Give your engine a boost!
Improve its performance!
Look after your engine!
Improve your engine’s performance!
Keep your engine running!

- Restores or preserves the sealing of combustion chambers.
- Restores and balances compression.
- Reduces oil and fuel consumption.
- Protects the engine and combats wear.
- Reduces vibrations and noise when running.
- Helps with cold engine starts.

Oil additive for all 4-stroke engines
Hyper-lubricant for all 4-stroke engines

A real bonus for your engine!
Make sure you give your engine nothing but the very best!
Set your engine free!
Just like on a toboggan!
It’s just a little bit of work for you but the benefits for your engine’s health are enormous

- Improves the properties of the engine oil.
- Reduces friction.
- Increases engine performance (torque, turn-on stability, operating flexibility).
- Reduces fuel consumption.
- Protects against wear and rust.