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(Print) Aluminium Wndow-Shutters Steeltrend

Why acquire aluminium windows shutters?
Because aluminium shutters are:
- Weatherproof
- Massive and strong against twisting
- Nearly maintenance free, no need for painting
- Secure protection not only against burglary and also work like sun shield and provide privacy
- Painted with high quality powder coating (available in all RAL colours)
- Available in different design
- Suitable for all types of current buildings and also for newly erected buildings
- Tailor made can be delivered as dividers or wall screens
- Measure taking directly on site and all window shutters are always tailor made

Production line

Window shutters with immobile solid lamellas
Narrow lamellas - Type A
Wide lamellas – Type B

Window shutters with movable lamellas
Lamellas only – Type BB
Lamellas with cassette – Type BBK

Window shutters with cassette
Cassette only – Type K
Narrow lamellas and cassette – Type AK
Wide immovable lamellas and cassette – Type BK
Wide movable lamellas and cassette – Type BBK

Tailor made production
One of our strengths is custom made shutters such as atypical round shutters or excessive dimension shutters.

Window shutters for historical buildings with round window lintels.

Buildings with extreme high windows such as balcony windows or terrace windows.

Aluminium window shutters Steeltrend are manufactured in our own production with the use of modern instruments. Despite the need for various equipment and machinery which are necessary for the production consists a large part of the production of handicrafts.
Frames and plates are made of pressed aluminium.
Material width is approx. 1-2 mm depending on part of particle. Thanks to this solid construction method we can guarantee very high quality and functionality.
Moreover the material keeps its form and so the material twist is excluded.
Our window shutters are successfully manufactured for already 30 years.

The shutters are up to three wings folding so it is possible to have up to six wings in one window.
The wings can be manufactured also as sliding.
The fitting is extremely robust and is riveted to the frame.
At higher shutters are installed for reasons of reinforcement cross girders.

Samples of our production:

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