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Cash in Transit = Security systems for transport of valuables
The protection of people and valuables directs all of our development and production. It also stands for a security concept with a great future, because the many safeguarded mechanical and electronic security systems are designed to protect comprehensively both man and valuables during transport.

Prevention is in every case our main object!
Therefore this Our principle is expressed in 3 ways:

1. The courier should have no means to affect or influence the planned transport operation, neither should he be able to open the case on his own. Therefore, he functions only as the transporters of valuables. As a result, the risk of intimidation, blackmail or complicity of the courier is practically eliminated.

2. The valuables themselves are protected so that, if there is any deviation from the planned transport operation, a shrill alarm will sound, then the contents of the case are marked with colour (e.g. money) or even destroyed (e.g. Data carriers, secret documents). This makes complicity useless to the robber.

3. The alarm which is automatically activated in case of a grab or snatch attempt will prevent the attacker fleeing with his booty as the alarm forces him to throw the case away.

GEHRER AG, registered as limited share company in 1978, has specialized from the first on the development and production of security systems for the transport of valuables. We offer a wide selection of security cases as well as additional protection equipment to meet all requirements of the professional money and valuables transport industry and those of private business. These products are successfully used daily by thousands of clients in Europe and overseas.

The danger of an attack during a transport of valuables is therefore minimized through the prevention measures (89% of robbery attempts are planned attacks), while spontaneous robbery attempts (11%) are successfully countered by the alarm systems (alarm and smoke). Prevention measures, including elimination of complicity, safeguards humans. Alarm systems safeguard valuables.

CONSULTATION AND SERVICE – comprehensive and competent
With our wide range of products we are able to offer perfect solutions to cover every security risk in the transport of valuables. In addition to hardware, we offer competent and reliable consultation and other services.

Our wide range of products and experience is based on many years of practice in the field of protecting valuables as well as protecting the lives of the people who carry them. We are glad to assist you in finding the best solution for security problems.

Our knowledge and know-how in this field is constantly improving through our regular contacts with outstanding security experts and criminologists. Our after-sales service and that of our representatives in many countries is of a very high standard both in regards of general service and maintenance of our products. Attacks, robberies and thefts can never be eliminated completely.

Nevertheless, we strive with all our power to prove that an attack on your transportation services of valuables will be unsuccessful and therefore unattractive.

We are professionals and we will advise you professionally. Please contact us regarding your valuables transport service.