Steeltrend s.r.o.
Čs. armády 1061
CZ-26751 Zdice

Tel.: +420 311 57 71 51


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STEELTREND is the manufacturer or official distributor of these brands:

Smoky Fun Monolith KESO / Assa Abloy Gehrer AG Steeltrend Aluminium Window-Shutters Steeltrend Training Doors XForce

We mainly produce different sizes of grills from our own production lines in our locksmith shop. Besides that we have been able to build network of classic locksmith-working customers in the Czech Republic and as well abroad.

We specialize in:
- metal and spiral staircases
- balcony and terrace railings
- garden fences from metal profiles
- entrance gates self supporting and running
- various connectors for lighting industry
- and other custom manufacturing

Surface treatment works
- Sanding
- Industrial coating
- Zinc metallization
- Aluminium metallization
- Copper metallization


Why acquire aluminium windows shutters?
Because aluminium shutters are:
- Weatherproof
- Massive and strong against twisting
- Nearly maintenance free, no need for painting
- Secure protection not only against burglary and also work like sun shield and provide privacy
- Painted with high quality powder coating (available in all RAL colours)
- Available in different design
- Suitable for all types of current buildings and also for newly erected buildings
- Tailor made can be delivered as dividers or wall screens
- Measure taking directly on site and all window shutters are always tailor made