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(Print) XForce Compression

Metal replacer for all 4-stroke engines
Give your engine a boost!
Improve its performance!
Look after your engine!
Improve your engine’s performance!
Keep your engine running!

- Restores or preserves the sealing of combustion chambers.
- Restores and balances compression.
- Reduces oil and fuel consumption.
- Protects the engine and combats wear.
- Reduces vibrations and noise when running.
- Helps with cold engine starts.

XFORCE Compression is a metal replacer for 4-stroke internal combustion engines (cars, motorbikes, boats, etc.). By gradually and constantly adding micro-particles of soft metals, it restores the seal between the piston and the cylinder wall, thus compensating for any wear due to friction. The compression is restored and balanced. Excess oil and fuel consumption are reduced. XFORCE Compression allows the engine to get back to offering its optimum performance.

XFORCE Compression works with all types of 4-stroke engines: petrol, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, atmospheric, turbo, catalyser or particle filter. Do not use with 2-stroke engines or with rotary engines.

Compatible with all engine oils (mineral, semi-synthetic or synthetic). Can also be used if the oil is lubricating both the engine and the manual gearbox.

XFORCE Compression should be used with a clean engine, in other words with both the oil and oil filter having been changed and ideally with less than 1,000 km on the clock since the changes.
XFORCE Compression remains effective for as long as it is in the engine oil, right up to the next oil change.

A 100 ml dose is enough to effectively treat all private vehicle engines.
For engines with under 3 litres of oil (lawnmowers, motorbikes, etc.), use half a dose (50 ml).
For lorries and other large engines with more than 20 litres of oil (stationary engines, generators, etc.), use two 100 ml doses. Never use more than two doses at any one time. Do not use for engines fitted with a centrifugal oil filter.
Never exceed the stated dosages.

The bottle, which contains 250 ml, can easily be filled to just 100 ml so that you can mix the product properly before you use it.

XFORCE Compression can be used together with XFORCE Slide, but it is not compatible with other engine oil additives on the market.
Before treating with XFORCE Compression, we strongly recommend that you use XFORCE Vidange to effectively clean the whole of the oil circuit. This will help with the introduction of the micro-particles.

XFORCE Compression is made up of micro-particles of copper vacuum treated with zinc and silver, dispersed in oil with a strong thixotropy. It does not contain any heavy metals. Inside the engine, the micro-particles are spread around the whole of the oil circuit as soon as the pump starts up. Due to the effect of the segments rubbing together they become embedded in the micro-porosities in the cylinder walls, amongst other places. The combustion chambers are restored to optimum sealing. The compression is restored, excess oil and fuel consumption due to wear are either reduced or done away with completely.

It’s as simple as the principle of spreading butter onto a piece of toast!
You can compare the way that XFORCE Compression works to soft butter which you spread onto a piece of toast using a knife and which then stops up the holes.

XFORCE Compression also works on:
- camshaft bushes
- crankshaft bushes
- big end bushes

By reducing the gap between the crankshaft and the bushes, the engine runs better and so there is a reduction in vibrations (you can feel these vibrations if you put your hand on the gear lever).

XFORCE Compression’s micro-particles are constantly circulating all over the oil circuit.
They lock into any imperfections in the metal, driven by the effect of the rubbing of the moving parts, thus compensating for any wear.

Depending on what condition the engine is in, the first effects of using XFORCE Compression may be noticeable after 200 to 500 km. XFORCE Compression remains active and effective right up until the next oil change, when the micro-particles will be drained off along with the old oil. Without any further treatment, its effects will gradually disappear.

Unfortunately, an engine does tend to get worn!
When you start it up, if not properly lubricated each piston may have to make up to 50 return trips per second, while the oil pump is building up the pressure in the whole of the circuit!
All of this friction between parts which are not properly lubricated leads to micro-tears in the metal, creating micro-scratches. All of these accumulated scratches end up preventing the engine from working properly. There is less sealing, compression drops and gaps appear, thus causing noise and vibrations. Only a metal replacer can combat this wear phenomenon.

There are 3 main families of additives for engine oil on the market:
- metal replacers
- solid lubricants
- soluble additives

Metal replacers are made up of particles of soft metal which are embedded into the porosities in the metal, thus compensating for wear. They have no effect on the properties of the oil itself, as it is merely the medium in which they are carried to the surfaces they will be protecting.

Solid lubricants are made up of solid particles with lubricant properties (graphite, molybdenum disulphide, PTFE, etc.). Generally offering less lubrication than oil and designed to slide over the metal, they cannot embed themselves in its porosities. In theory the properties of the engine oil are not altered by this type of additive.

Soluble additives are chemical products which are used to alter the properties of engine oils (detergence, anticorrosion, extreme-pressure, coefficient of friction, viscosity, etc.). You need to make sure that any increase in one of the oil’s properties is not at the expense of the others.

XFORCE Compression is a metal replacer which can counter premature wear on the engine.

To reduce excess oil and fuel consumption, keep an eye on the tyre pressure, change the air filter regularly, have the condition of your spark plugs checked and clean the fuel feed system once or twice a year!

To extend the life of the engine, carry out frequent checks on the oil level and, if necessary, top it up. Change the oil regularly and change the oil filter each time you change the oil! It plays a very important role as, amongst other things, it stops all the micro-tears to the metal resulting from wear on the engine.
Avoid accelerating sharply before the engine has reached its normal running temperature (around 90° C) because this is when there is the most wear on the engine! Warming your engine up properly will make sure that it has a long life. Unfortunately fewer and fewer people now do this. The ideal thing would be to carry out a first oil change at between 1,000 and a maximum of 5,000 km in order to get rid of all the impurities generated by the first start-up. Your engine will be much better prepared against the wear and tear of time.