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(Print) XForce Slide

Oil additive for all 4-stroke engines
Hyper-lubricant for all 4-stroke engines
A real bonus for your engine!
Make sure you give your engine nothing but the very best!
Set your engine free!
Just like on a toboggan!
It’s just a little bit of work for you but the benefits for your engine’s health are enormous

- Improves the properties of the engine oil.
- Reduces friction.
- Increases engine performance (torque, turn-on stability, operating flexibility).
- Reduces fuel consumption.
- Protects against wear and rust.

XFORCE Slide reduces friction and improves the properties of the engine oil. It increases the engine’s levels of performance (torque, power, operating flexibility, turn-on stability) and reduces fuel consumption. It also offers protection against both wear and rust, countering the harmful effects which can be caused by leaving too long a gap between oil changes. It takes effect straight away and keeps on working right up until the next oil change.

The engine runs more smoothly thanks to XFORCE Slide. Less energy is wasted in friction. The fuel consumption drops. There is less heat given off as a result of friction and the oil does not heat up as much.

The effect is immediate. XFORCE Slide acts as soon as it spreads itself out all over the oil circuit. The car "runs" better. The engine brake does not have to do as much work.

Although some people will enjoy the excess torque, the improvement in acceleration time and the increased maximum speed, others will see a noticeable reduction in fuel consumption.

If the parts come up against less friction then they will not wear out as quickly. XFORCE Slide offers protection against wear, it safeguards the engine against the effects of ageing

XFORCE Slide offers protection against rust, it stabilises the oil at a high temperature. Any oil to which it has been added will remain clear for longer.

At the recommended doses XFORCE Slide does not change the basic properties of the engine oil. It is drained off naturally together with the engine oil, when the oil is changed. It is important not to exceed the stated quantities.

XFORCE Slide can be used together with Métal 5, but it is not compatible with other engine oil additives on the market. You can use Vidang’5 before changing oil which has been treated with XFORCE Slide.