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(Print) XForce Vidange

Cleaning product for engines for use before oil changes
Keep your oil clean for longer!
Don’t pour new oil into a dirty engine!
Don’t let your new oil deteriorate before it has to!

- Makes sure that the inside of the engine is perfectly clean.
- Preserves the oil’s original qualities.
- Reduces pollution.
- Makes it easier for the oil to circulate.

XFORCE Vidange is a concentrate of detergents and dispersants for used oil for 4-stroke engines, which cleans the whole of the oil circuit. XFORCE Vidange does not alter the oil’s viscosity.

XFORCE Vidange works with all types of 4-stroke engines: petrol, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, atmospheric, turbo, catalyser or particle filter. Do not use with 2-stroke engines or with rotary engines.

Compatible with all engine oils (mineral, semi-synthetic or synthetic). Can also be used if the oil is lubricating both the engine and the manual gearbox.

We strongly recommend that you use XFORCE Vidange before using XFORCE Compression.

The engine oil deteriorates. It oxidises due to heat, air, sulphur oxide and nitrogen oxide, it becomes loaded with combustion residues (soot) and metal particles. It ages and forms gums (sludge), which will gradually stick together and accumulate on the walls of the oil circuit. Finally, it loses its lubricant properties. It’s time to change the oil. If you simply let the oil drain off, acid and metal residues, soot and sludge will remain on all the walls of the oil circuit and this will make the new oil dirty as soon as you pour it in! If you need any convincing of this all you need to do is check the colour of the new oil after you have driven for a hundred kilometres or so. Quite often it has already turned black! Nobody would dream of serving good wine in a dirty glass and yet this is what people usually do by putting new oil into a dirty engine.

XFORCE Vidange is a concentrate of detergent and dispersant additives. Once it has been added to the used oil, it softens the soot and sludge, detaches all the residues from the walls and keeps them in suspension in the engine oil, on the one hand so that they can be brought out to the oil filter and, on the other hand, in order to carry them along and out when you drain the oil off.

One of the most important parameters of any engine oil is its viscosity. XFORCE Vidange does not contain any thinner or degreaser. Unlike other products on the market, it does not change the viscosity of the engine oil and so the vehicle can run normally during the cleaning phase.

Acids from combustion residues are a very real threat to metals as they them corrode mercilessly. The dispersants in XFORCE Vidange combat and neutralise these acids.

This is how XFORCE Vidange can clean the whole of the oil circuit through and through: tank, pipes, holes, pump, segments, camshafts, etc.

XFORCE Vidange restores “flexibility to the segments” by detaching sludge and residues which can sometimes clog them up.

Once the old oil has been drained off, the new engine oil can be poured into a clean engine. It will be able to circulate better and it will keep all of its original properties for longer.

New demands faced by engines
Nowadays, new engines are more compact. They offer more power per litre of displacement. The recycling of oil vapours is compulsory. This is environmentally friendly, but it also leads to carbonaceous deposits. People are leaving increasing gaps between oil changes… new engines are suffering a great deal more, as are the oils…

By improving the oil change operation, XFORCE Vidange reduces the harmful effects of these new demands.

A few tips
To reduce excess oil and fuel consumption: check the tyre pressure, change the air filter regularly and have the condition of your spark plugs checked. Clean the fuel feed system once or twice every year.

To extend the life of the engine, carry out frequent checks on the oil level and, if necessary, top it up. Always follow the maintenance programme laid down for your vehicle. As there are already increasing gaps between oil changes, it would be a very bad idea indeed to let them get any longer. Change the oil filter each time you change the oil! It plays a very important role as, amongst other things, it stops all the micro-tears to the metal resulting from wear on the engine.
Avoid accelerating sharply before the engine has reached its normal running temperature (around 90° C) because this is when there is the most wear on the engine!
Warming your engine up properly will make sure that it has a long life. Unfortunately fewer and fewer people now do this. The ideal thing would be to carry out a first oil change at between 1,000 and a maximum of 5,000 km in order to get rid of all the impurities generated by the first start-up. Your engine will be much better prepared against the wear and tear of time.