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(Print) Cobb Barbecue - Cobb Premier

Dimensions: 32 x 30cm (diameter x height)
Weight: approx. 4 kg

Product No.
COBB Premier with bag – C02.100
COBB grilling pan – C01.200
COBB roasting pan – C01.180
COBB Wok – C01.190
COBB extra grill grid – C01.210
COBB thermometer – C01.220
COBB lighter – C01.230
COBB nylon bag – C01.160
Grilling, frying, cooking or baking with COBB Barbecue!
Cobb Barbecue makes new trends!
A great companion on picnic, while camping, fishing, boating, on your balcony or terrace!

Awarded by the prestigious TIME Magazine – One of the best inventions of the year 2001

Thanks to use of modern materials from space research the Cobb makes a prefect fun grilling without getting dirty. Complete outside heat isolation enables the grill to be placed directly on your dining table.

Cobb Barbecue is not made only for simple and safe grilling on the grill grid. You can use the inside moat for steam cooking of vegetables or potatoes, we recommend to use aluminum foil. When the grilling is finished you can easily wash the metal parts in a dishwasher, use damp cloth for the plastic cover.

COBB PREMIER varies from the basic version COBB CLASSIC basically only in design; the grill cover is made from luxurious stainless net.

Lighting up Cobb with heat Briquettes in the fire basket and fire starters underneath in the fire chamber. Light up time is 20 - 25 minutes. Best to light outdoors.
The Cobb will cook for three hours or provide heating for over four hours with only 6 - 8 beads. More beads can be added for heating.

A Cobb makes cooking easy and fun.
No more charred steaks, burned sausages and greasy chops. No fat fires, no smoke, no mess. With the incredible Cobb BBQ Cooker, you get perfect, low-fat results every time you barbeque.

Fancy a roast?
Can do. Because the Cobb is more than just a BBQ, it will cook a complete roast with vegetables for 4 – 6 people in normal oven times on just 7 - 8 Briquettes. That’s a fuel cost of about 40 cents. There is simply no cheaper way to cook.

Bake bread and pizzas, smoke fish.
Want to try your hand at baking bread, making pizzas or smoking fish? It's easy with a Cobb. And with the specially designed Cobb Frying & Pizza Pan (see Accessories page) you’ll be able to cook almost anything on a Cobb, with perfect results.

So safe you can cook on your lap. Despite a fire temperature of 550 – 600 degrees F inside the Cobb, the base section remains perfectly cool. Cook on glass, polished wood, even plastic with no possible damage to the surface.

Fat drains into the Cobb’s moat while it’s cooking, so it doesn't get into you or make a mess of your work surface. Also, meat is barbequed with intense heat, not flame. This prevents the charring of meat, which is known to be carcinogenic.

No more coughing and stinging eyes from smoke when you barbeque. It just doesn’t happen with a Cobb. It’s perfect for balconies or cooking in confined spaces when you just have to - such as a tent or a caravan in the rain. With a Cobb, you can.

The answer to a boatie’s prayer.
Now you can barbeque on your boat or on the beach. Fuel the Cobb, zip it into the carry bag and light it when you’re on the beach. Or simply cook on your boat.