Locksmith-Working and Surface Treatment

We mainly produce different sizes of grills from our own production lines in our locksmith shop. Besides that we have been able to build network of classic locksmith-working customers in the Czech Republic and as well abroad.

We specialize in:
- metal and spiral staircases
- balcony and terrace railings
- garden fences from metal profiles
- entrance gates self supporting and running
- various connectors for lighting industry
- and other custom manufacturing

Surface treatment works
- Sanding
- Industrial coating
- Zinc metallization
- Aluminium metallization
- Copper metallization

In our production halls in Vraz u Berouna we are able to sand different small and large parts. The sanding hall is 5 x 6 x 3m big which enables us to sand even truly big parts.
We are solely using blast furnace slag which cleans and roughens all surfaces.
Besides our own production also in this sector we have been able to build wide base of customers that value the advantages of this surface working. It is ideal for customers from fields of engineering, vehicle body working, companies dealing in screen printing or customers with other smaller or bigger private orders.
In 2008 we have installed new screw compressor from company Atlas-Copco which enabled us to higher not only productivity but also quality. In the near future we plan to modernize the sanding hall so that we will be able to widen our capacity borders in our main season between February and July. Currently we overcome this period by 2 shift production.

Industrial coating
Even though we use the paint shop to its full capacity by nearly 90% with our own grill production we are still able to secure orders from the industry especially smaller parts till max. 4 x 3 x 2m. The paint shop is connected to the sanding hall which enables smooth transfer of the surface treatment working.

Zinc metallization
Zinc metallization is a technique of putting on metal coat by hot sprayed zinc which is being in form of noble particles sprayed on surfaces. Consequently it is then possible to paint the parts or coat with a patina as per individual requests.

Aluminium metallization
Aluminium metallization is technologically equal to zinc metallization only aluminium is used as a medium instead. It is ideal for example for upgrading exhaust pipes.

Copper metallization
Copper metallization is identical with the above described procedures by using copper. This technique is most suitable for parts that need to have high conductibility like lamp-posts, high-voltage pylons, etc.